Our Story

Our Beginnings

Being a strong student athlete is not an easy thing today and we wanted to create a organization that can help the transition. By giving time and resources we believe student athletes can see their worth and demonstrate qualities in life that encompass the #StudentAthleteStrong mentality. We believe stronger student athletes make stronger communities in which they serve. By getting involved with their community, they learn life lessons and understand what it means to give back. To learn and be able to master the interview skills in which athletes sell themselves confidently will benefit them not only now, but in their future. Leadership skills are critical to their survival in the classroom, their sport, and social interactions.

To play a sport is a privilege and can be taken away at any moment. So, once the thought of being an athlete is over what do you have then? Life lessons are critical to the well being of the student athlete. When those lights, cameras, and attention are not there anymore what do you have? We believe the people on and off the field should be unique. We at Outside the Games are here to help you, the student athlete!

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. Outside the Games is about the student athlete on and off the field. Striving for good character on and off the field is critical to what makes the student athlete strong and successful in many aspects throughout their life. We as an organization exist to help student athletes realize their capabilities and potential not only on the field, but also off the field by giving them the exposure needed to get to the next level.


“It’s more than just recruiting.”

The Team Behind Us

Kevin Menten,

[Founder] 2018- Present

He was born in Minnesota, but has lived in Portland all his life. Played Football and Basketball at Centennial and West Linn High School and in College. Has worked with youth most his life in coaching and officiating. He attended Portland community college 1990-1992 and then George Fox University from 1993-1994. His passion is very deep rooted in the student athlete and in giving analysis and exposure outside the games. 
Favorite things:
  • Enjoy time traveling
  • Being around sports and people

Mckenna Jordan,

[Media Freelance, HS Correspondent] 2019- Present

She has lived in Portland Oregon all her life and has always had a passion for sports especially football. She loves the opportunity to meet and speak to student athletes, coaches, and parents about family, life and Football. She has been accepted to attend college at the University of Oregon and major in Journalism/Communications.
Favorite things:
  •  Watch sports
  •  Photography
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Jennifer Shoate,

[Media Photographer] 2021

I began the love for sports at age 10. I attended Locke High School where I began my athletic journey and competed in many track and field events. I was a 300m city champion in high school as well as competing in 100m hurdles and relays. In 2006 I attended Cal State Los Angeles where I received an athletic scholarship for the 400m and 100m hurdles. After a successful two years at Cal State Los Angeles, I decided to train and make the Olympic team in track and field. Unfortunately, my career came to an end due to reoccurring injuries. I still wanted to compete athletically, but I later found an interest in sports photography. Throughout my athletic career I have overcome obstacles and have always found my way back to sports. The passion of sports photography has kept me around the sports atmosphere I love. 
Favorite things:
  • Traveling
  • Spending time with Family



Neville Tulloch Jr,

[Media Photographer] 2019- Present

I’m a freelance photographer serving the greater Seattle area. I capture the spirit of the moment for sporting events, weddings and portraits. Letting my photography help preserve your memories
Favorite things:
  •  Watching my son play football
  •  Traveling